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Guide to Choosing the Right Window Treatments - And What to Consider
April 8, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Guide to Choosing the Right Window Treatments - And What to Consider

The sun’s shining and warmer days are just peeking around the corner. For a homeowner like you, that means it’s time to enhance your windows and protect your home.

As you know, windows play a large role in determining the look and feel of a room.

But it’s not always easy knowing which window treatments to choose to achieve your desired effect.

That’s why Eve Gianni Art + Design is sharing timeless tips for choosing the right window treatments that bring out more of your home’s charm, while also protecting the interior from excessive sunlight. And if you're in Wllton, Weston, or anywhere else within Fairfield County, CT, keep in mind that you can always reach out for advice that's uniquely customized to your living space.

For now, go through our tips:

Woven wood vs. fabric shades

Woven wood’s light filtering quality is great for letting more natural light enter your home. And you’ll also get a natural outdoor look that imbues the room with a little more character.

For treatments that you can be certain will always be in vogue, you should go for roman shades. They never go out of style.

Using a light or sheer fabric for your roman shades can create an airy and is especially helpful at this time of year when it’s getting warmer. Fabric shades are good insulators.

Just keep in mind that they can block out much of the sunlight coming through your window. And they’re either up or down, you can’t open and close their slats the same way you can with blinds.

Inside mount or outside mount?

An inside mount will give you a clean, finished look, especially when your window treatments are flush with the trim or the wall.

Outside mounts are better for keeping light out. And they can create the impression of a taller window, moving your eye up. This effect is emphasized if you layer draperies, which we discuss below, on top of the shades.

Roman shades vs. roller shades

Roller shades can make the area around the window feel like it has a second layer of texture. And they also have a great aesthetic when pulled down.

But if you’re more interested in heightening the dramatic atmosphere in the room, roman shades are the better pick. And they’re nearly always a good fit when you’re dealing with small windows.

Should you spend money on drapes?

If your budget allows, drapes can be a fantastic addition to your window treatments. They add drama, a sense of style, and a touch of luxury to the space.

Considering their functional elements, drapes with blackout lining can help you sleep better in the morning, especially as the sun will be rising earlier and earlier.

To see if you really need them, explore the space, picturing the difference they can make.

For one, do you have enough room?

And remember that drapes also naturally draw your eye to the ceiling.

If there’s a space of at least 19” between the ceiling and the window molding, bring the drapes just a third downward from the ceiling molding. You’ll instantly have the effect of a higher ceiling.

What rod options should you get?

Before deciding on rod options, it’s a good idea to figure out the right size. Rod diameters are typically between one and three inches, depending on the types of window treatments you’ll be using and, if you plan on getting drapes, their weight.

Rod pockets carry a classic look, but that means they lack the same modern character as other options. And you may not like how difficult they are to move.

Grommet, meanwhile, has a nautical and modern feel, which blends naturally with the rest of your decor.

All that said, our go-to are rings with a casual or pinch pleat, simply because of how versatile and timeless their style is.

If you’re not sure where to get the options you plan on picking, Rejuvenation Hardware most likely has them in its vast selection.

Get help with choosing the right window treatments from a professional designer today

The right window treatments can completely transform how your home feels. If you want to make sure you get exactly the right treatments, work with Eve Gianni Art + Design. We're available to help all over Fairfield County, CT. Using our vast interior design experience, we can guide you as you enhance your windows. Get started by filling out our online contact form or send an email to