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Stage Your Home to Sell Quickly, Maybe Even for Above-Market Value!
March 3, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Stage Your Home to Sell Quickly, Maybe Even for Above-Market Value!

Looking to sell your home for top dollar?

You’re not alone.

It’s a sellers' market right now, and many people are feeling motivated to purchase a new home. Realtors know that to achieve above-market offers, it's worthwhile to invest the time and money into staging your home. The investment in a professional to help you do this is worth it! 

Working with a home decorator, like Eve Gianni Art + Design, will provide effective staging techniques and a fresh perspective of your space, and it will focus your buyers on the best attributes in your home.

A home decorator also helps buyers visualize themselves in your home.  

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re staging your home to sell quickly.

Clear the clutter: less will get you more when it's time to sell

When you’re selling a home, you want every room to feel bright, open and airy. Rethink your furniture layout and remove unnecessary large items to create easy and intuitive traffic flow for your potential buyers.

Often, floating furniture in a space is the best tool for creating comfortable, conversational seating where buyers can picture themselves.

Define and enhance a focal point in each room, whether it's the fireplace or the windows. And if a room is a bit drab, invest in a fabulous new light fixture or a pleasing neutral art piece to give the space a memorable "wow" factor.

Remove personal items like family photos, mail, trophies or family schedules to help buyers envision themselves in your space and stay focused on what you want them to remember.  

Feeling a bit worn? Let's work some magic

When you are buying a new home, you want it to feel new. But when you are selling, the chances are that many of your items are not inspiring that feeling in buyers. A good stager can arrange and place items to help buyers focus where you want them to.

Is the carpet a bit worn? Layer a throw rug on top. Does the sofa seat sag a bit? That's the perfect spot to drape a luxurious throw. And if there are a few dents and nics on the walls, focus the buyer's attention in the center of the room by creating an intriguing vignette on the coffee table.

A pop of color, whether art, flowers, carpets, books, or accessories placed in the right spot or spots will attract the buyer's eye where you want them to focus. It's also an effective way to make your place feel fresh and, well, newer.

Give your kitchen & bathrooms some love

As it turns out, kitchens and bathrooms often benefit the most from staging. If you’re looking to sell your house, these two areas are very important for potential buyers. Take time to evaluate storage, remove clutter and excess, and find ways to revamp the space.

The organization of the cabinets, pantry and linen closets is key. Add decorative bins, shelving and hanging baskets and make it pretty. Show off how efficient (and attractive) these spaces can be. Subtle aromas, especially in these spaces, can elevate the experience. Consider adding decorative sachets, air diffusers or potpourri, all of which are charming accents.  

Create a story with mini vignettes

Each space should tell a story that a potential buyer can read. And that story should appeal to the buyer's emotions, compelling them to wish to insert themselves in the space.

Creating small vignettes with the help of household items, which are best displayed in odd numbers, is often enough to tell these stories. While it may sound cliché, adding an antique tray with a luxurious candle and matches, a bubble bath, a flower, and a well-known romance novel next to the clawfoot tub will transport that tired mom. Suddenly, she will be picturing herself relaxing in that master bath.

"Welly" boots, gardening gloves, and a hat on the bench next to the mudroom door create the allure of a lifestyle that a city dweller only dreams of.

Staging your home encourages buyers to see themselves living there. While you can tackle most of the staging tips we’ve covered here on your own, there are nuances to keep in mind. At its core, staging a home for sale is all about placement, and this is where it really pays to get help from a professional. Adding new decor items, rearranging furniture, and adding a pop of color or a work of art can make your home more desirable to buyers.

If you are ready to stage you home to sell and wish to reimagine your house or apartment, contact Eve Gianni Art + Interiors so we can make the most of your space.  Contact us today to learn more!